Unworthy of Love, but given so much.

Grace is the greatest gift we've been given by a loving Father.

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This is the journal of a real person in the sense that I'm complicated and messy and lovely. All humans are.

"But we live in a world that has lost its appreciation for small things. We live in a world that wants things bigger and bigger. We want to supersize our fries, sodas and churchbuildings....

Two guys are talking to each other and one of them says he has a question for God. He wants to ask why God allows all of this poverty and war and suffering to exist in the world. And his friend says "Well, why don't you ask?" The fellow shakes his head and says he is scared. When his friend asks why, he mutters, "I'm scared God will ask me the same question."

~Shane Claiborne in The Irresistible Revolution:Life as an ordinary radical

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